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Kesennuma Port Festival 2012 

There was a big festival called “Kesennuma Port Festival” in this month!
I’m gonna report how it was by picking up some events of this festival.


On August 11th, “LIGHT UP NIPPON 2012” was held.


In this event, fireworks dedicated to the mourning and the reconstruction of the region were displayed.
The fireworks were launched 13 places in the Tohoku district all at once, and Kesennuma was the main venue among them.

This event made us think once again about the earthquake disaster.
“What can we do to help them?”

On the following day, "Hamarainya Dance" took place and nearly 2500 people from 53 teams participated.
It’s not too much to say that “Hamarainya dance” was the most exciting part of this whole festival!

Around 20 members from us also joined, and put everything into the dance.

(I’m sorry the photograph can’t describe the spirited performance well because they danced so vigorously.)

Why don’t you join such a wonderful festival full of the energy of Kesennuma next time? :)


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"Murasaki Market" : a shopping street in Kesennuma  

If you walk 15 minutes from the Kesennuma station, there is a shopping street
called “南町紫市場 Minamimachi Murasaki Market”, which has 51 tentative stores.
Today, I’d like to introduce you some restaurants and shops in this shopping street.

The first restaurant I’m going to introduce is “とんかつ勝子 Tonkatsu katsuko
where you can eat deep-fried breaded cutlet of pork.

You can decide what you want to eat from the variety of food menu.

I ordered a fried prawn set meal, which was so tasty and filling.

My friend ordered a cutlet of pork fillet set meal, which was also delicious.
In addition, there is good news for those who have big appetite: you can have your rice bowl refilled for FREE:)

Another restaurant I’d like to introduce is “特急寿司 Tokkyu Sushi”, where you can eat tasty sushi.
They use fresh seafood ingredients at this restaurant, and the price is also reasonable.

If you are interested in cute items, or you are concerned about your health, you should walk into “KARUTA”.

“KARUTA” is a lovely general shop where you can get pretty goods.

They also run a café on the same grounds as the general shop.
Here, you can eat healthy today’s lunch special with lots of vegetables just for 500 yen!
There are varieties of healthy menus, such a fresh carrot juice and a curry combined with Chinese herbal medicine.

Lastly, if you want to get a souvenir, “ひまわり食品Himawari Shokuhin” would be a good place to visit.
They sell an instant mix, which will help you cook tasty rice boiled with shark’s fin in a small pot, just by adding this instant mix into a rice cooker.
They sell three flavors: shark’s fin, saury, and scallop, so you can choose your favorite one:)

Apart from what we have seen, there are many other nice shops and restaurants
in the “Murasaki Market”.
Why don’t you pay a visit to this shopping street when you come to Kesennuma?
Thank you!

P.S. The tourist information center would help you find the way to “Murasaki-ichiba”.

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The tourist information center 

Let’s Discover the

on Kesennuma :) -from the view point of university students

Hello, everyone! We are the university students who are engaged in a volunteer project for the reconstruction of the Kesennuma city in Miyagi prefecture, which was severely attacked by the great earthquake on March 11th.

In this blog, we will introduce the "Like" on Kesennuma, hoping that many would visit there and encounter its rich nature, tasty foods, and friendly people :)

First of all, I’m going to introduce the tourist information center, where you can get a lot of information needed for the sightseeing in Kesennuma.


The tourist information center is located in front of the Kesennuma station. Here, you can borrow a bicycle for 500yen, and enjoy sightseeing on a bicycle trip :)


There are useful items needed for sightseeing, including the city map, the train’s timetable, and the guidance for shopping street.


You can also get some souvenirs, such as a picture postcard, a sticker, and a hand towel.

Please walk into this tourist information center once you come to visit Kesennuma :)
Thank you!

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